About Us

Beacon Hill manages the Heart Gallery of Alaska in collaboration with the Alaska Center for Resource Families, the Office of Children’s Services, the and the Heart Gallery of America. It is a website and traveling art gallery featuring Alaska’s beautiful children awaiting forever homes.

Each child listed on the Heart Gallery of Alaska is featured at their choosing and is legally available for adoption. There are approximately 100 children waiting for adoption in Alaska that are not yet in an intended permanent placement. This gallery does not show every single child who needs a home, but serves as a compelling representation of the many Alaska children who are looking for forever families.

Through the Heart Gallery of Alaska, a loving family can inquire and learn more about children awaiting adoption and the children featured on the gallery can express to their community what they are looking for in a forever family.

Beacon Hill is a privately funded non-profit based in Anchorage, Alaska. We work hand-in-hand with professional volunteer photographers, videographers, and marketing specialists to showcase Alaska’s beautiful waiting children through stirring portraits and videos which reveal the children’s amazing individual personalities. Because of this, many of these children will find permanent, loving homes.