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Date of Birth: 
December 2004
Potential Family Identified

Aaron loves to help clean and take care of people. His life-long dream is to clean offices in emulation of his grandfather, who allowed Aaron and his sister to help with custodial work. Aaron loves to be outside building things and working on projects. In school, Aaron is in a structured environment with academic and behavioral support in place to assist with his subjects. Although below grade-level, Aaron has been successful in learning to read and states that math is his favorite subject. Through individual, group, and activity therapy Aaron is learning to process feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment as well as developing tools and strategies to help express frustration and anger in positive ways instead of acting out emotionally or physically.

Aaron and his twin sister, Ava, really care about each other and have a close bond. Aaron is counting on a family that will facilitate ongoing contact with her through mail, phone, or social media.

A two-parent family (with no children or older children) experienced and knowledgeable about positive behavioral interventions with a consistent daily routine, clear rules, limits, expectations and consequences will be crucial to Aaron's success.

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