Alize "Ali"

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Date of Birth: 
July 2006

Alize shares she likes doing anything that's "girly" and that she is really good at being a ballerina. She loves to dance! She loves ponies, princesses, carriages, and playing with her Build-A-Bear stuffed animal. Alize likes to be creative by finger painting and playing educational games on the computer. Her favorite activities include swimming and playing soccer. Alize is a fun-loving, happy young lady who is good at giving hugs and interacts very well with everyone she meets.

In school, Alize requires extra academic assistance and behavioral supports during the school day. The current focus of Alize’s treatment is to develop coping skills for managing her feelings and to demonstrate age-appropriate boundaries.

When asked what kind of home she would like, Alize said that she wants a house by the river with a nice mom and dad and also she wouldn't mind having dogs, cats, and older siblings. Alize has a close bond with her birth grandmother and will be depending on her adoptive family to help her maintain this important relationship.

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