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Date of Birth: 
December 2004

This bright and happy young lady likes to make jokes and be the funny girl. She enjoys making crafts, playing board games, and engaging in pretend play such as playing house and store. Reading and cooking are some of Ava's favorite activities. Like her twin brother, Aaron, Ava loves to help clean.

In school, Ava gets great grades when she is in a structured environment with behavioral supports. Ava is very smart and states that math is her favorite subject. Through individual, group, and activity therapy, Ava is learning to process feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment, as well as developing tools and strategies to express frustration and anger in positive ways instead of acting out physically.

Ava and Aaron really care about each other and have a close bond, so she is counting on a family that will facilitate ongoing contact with her through mail, phone, or social media. A two-parent family (without children) experienced and knowledgeable about behavioral support and intervention with a consistent daily routine, clear rules, limits, expectations and consequences will be crucial to Ava's success.

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