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Date of Birth: 
June 2005
Pending Adoption

"Baylee is inquisitively bright with her quick sense of humor and love of the arts (song, dance, and play)." ~friend

Alert and vibrant, with a compassionate heart and a keen sense of humor, Baylee is an active young lady with a considerable range of talents and interests. She is a gifted singer with a beautiful voice, and is one of only a few children to win a Fitbit due to the number of miles run over the summer. Other favorite activities include soccer, gymnastics, playing video games, and working with horses. Baylee also invests in quiet, reflective pursuits such as journaling, reading, and writing her own songs.

In school, Baylee benefits from receiving supports in a small classroom. As she continues learning skills to cope with feelings of stress and frustration, her school performance increasingly reflects her academic ability.

Baylee will benefit from having calm and patient parents who are able to distinguish between willful disobedience and fear-based outbursts. A parenting style that is relaxed and easy-going will send her the message that she is safe, and allow her to thrive. Ideal parents will be gentle and clear in their expectations while creatively offering limits that give her choices so she maintains some control. Her parents will need to be able to repeat instruction and guidance often, as Baylee has difficulty generalizing information from one instance to another. Their ability to remain calm and give Baylee the assistance she needs, even as she engages in attention-getting behaviors in public, is also important. She will need clear and direct communication from her parents about their expectations for her as a member of the family. Parents who can use humor to deflect and redirect Baylee's behaviors and interact with her playfully will help earn her trust. Willingness on the part of the family to work with Baylee's treatment team will keep in place the support she needs. Baylee should be the youngest or only child of a two-parent home.

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