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Date of Birth: 
May 2000

Dorthy's favorite hobbies are crocheting and swimming. She is most comfortable expressing herself through writing and drawing in her journal and communicating one-on-one with adults and girlfriends. Skating and longboarding are activities she would like to try, but won't engage in these activities because she experiences feelings of inadequacy. Encouragement and support from those around her are essential to Dorthy expanding her horizons and trying new, exciting things.

In school, Dorthy is passing all of her classes and continues to benefit from having academic supports and smaller sized classrooms. She gets good grades in P.E., math, and study skills and is doing well in most of her other classes. Dorthy is currently participating in counseling and activity therapy where she is learning to process and manage her feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment as well as helping her to strengthen boundaries and learn personal safety skills.

An ideal family for Dorthy would be a two-parent home with a father figure who is able to demonstrate a healthy father/daughter relationship and appropriate boundaries as well as a family who will advocate, support, and participate in any services Dorthy may need. Dorthy says she would love a family with female siblings and pets. She will be counting on her adoptive parents to help maintain regular contact with her brothers as well.

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