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Date of Birth: 
October 2001

“Nice, honest, and funny!” ~Felton, when asked to describe himself

Felton describes himself as a technician and handyman, and he definitely has a gift when it comes to hands-on skills! His talents range from playing the drums, to repairing remote-control vehicles, to doing intricate origami. He prefers concrete activities in school, too, and especially likes science projects.

Felton loves to have fun outside, and enjoys skiing or playing football, both with his friends and on his high school team. He is happy to participate in church youth group activities, particularly when they go bowling or to the movies. He likes playing video games on his own or with friends, and is a scary movie buff, with favorites including Aliens, Undead, and Harry Potter. He’s also a fan of TV programs like National Geographic, How it’s Made, and all shows having to do with the military.

Felton loves to give and receive gifts. Personal growth and excellence matter to him: he wants to improve his drumming skills and have a 4.0 GPA. Three words he says describe him are “nice, honest, and funny.”

Science is Felton’s favorite subject in school. His goal is to become a scientist and develop weapons for the military.

Felton would flourish in a two-parent family (possibly with younger siblings) that will patiently work one on one with him through issues, and who will also provide supports, structure, and boundaries for him. He has a close bond with his foster dad and is extremely close with his younger brother, so Felton will be counting on his adoptive family to maintain these important relationships.

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