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Date of Birth: 
January 2005
Potential Family Identified

Irene is an outdoorsy girl who likes riding bikes, camping, fishing, and scavenging for outdoors treasures to collect. Irene makes wonderful arts and craft projects and her drawings are amazing. She enjoys helping around the house and has shown an interest in cooking. She thrives on lots of positive one-on-one attention, has an infectious laugh, sweet smile, and enjoys joking around.

In school, Irene does well academically but does have supports in place to help keep focused and on task. She is clever, intelligent, and enjoys reading. Currently, the focus of Irene’s therapeutic treatment is to identify and express her feelings, develop coping skills for managing her feelings in a non-aggressive manner, demonstrate age-appropriate boundaries, and learn how to establish and maintain peer and adult relationships.

A family with a consistent daily routine, clear rules, expectations and limits, as well as natural and logical consequences and highly attentive supervision is very important for Irene to be successful. Irene would flourish as an only child or the youngest child with older siblings. When asked about her ideal family, Irene said that she would love a family that has animals and likes to do outdoor stuff. Irene is close with her sister and father. She will be depending on her adoptive family to help her maintain these important relationships, as well as, continue her cultural connections.

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