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Date of Birth: 
October 2008
Pending Adoption

James is an affectionate boy who enjoys being active in the outdoors, and is fascinated by gears and wheels. He enjoys biking, hiking, and rafting, and is very happy playing in the sand at Kincaid Beach. He likes swinging on his backyard playset, is learning to swim, and loves the water. He also loves trains, and often takes everything in the back yard that has wheels on it and lines them up in a straight line, like a train. He is interested in Legos and things that spin, and once took Lego pieces, put them on two magnetic gears, and made the Legos spin—his foster brother was very impressed!

At school, James is in a structured learning classroom where he benefits from individualized instruction and a calm environment. He reads some sight words, and sings his ABC song if encouraged. He has little regard for his personal safety, so he needs close supervision.

James has grown fond of his foster family’s dog. James likes to be picked up and cuddled, and at night lifts up his face for a kiss on the cheek as he is tucked into bed.

Parents for this trio of loving siblings should have the flexibility and patience to invest in helping the kids overcome personal challenges. The children will do best together in an active and affectionate two-parent family, where hugs and encouragement are a way of life!

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