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Date of Birth: 
March 2000

Self-described as caring, funny and "great at being me!"; Katrina has a very pleasant personality and is enjoyable to be around.

It would be easier to list hobbies, interests and activities that Katrina isn't interested in as she likes to be busy with something at all times. However, some of her favorite hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, woodworking, and arts & crafts. Her interests are vast and numerous such as military, boxing, dancing, cheerleading, trying different foods, and parcore. Katrina loves sports and activities like volleyball, basketball, running, skateboarding, hiking, rocking climbing, the ropes course, ice-skating and skiing, fishing, camping and biking.

Someday Katrina would like to have her own room, as well as get a job so she can buy her very own iPod, cell phone, and laptop. In school, Katrina is passing all of her classes and benefits from having smaller sized classrooms in a structured environment. Her teachers report Katrina often has a hard time focusing and needs multiple prompts in class; but are quick to add that she is respectful and can be easily redirected. Through individual, group, and activity therapy, Katrina is currently working on processing through her traumas; learning and implementing coping skills during challenging situations; verbalizing her feelings of frustration, disagreement, and anger in a controlled, confident way; and practicing delayed gratification in order to achieve long-term goals. An actively involved family, experienced and knowledgeable about behavioral support and intervention, with a consistent daily routine, clear rules, limits, expectations and consequences will be crucial to Katrina's success.

She would prefer if she was an only child, but would not mind a younger sibling. Admittedly, Katrina says she has a hard time communicating and opening up to her peers. She will be counting on her adoptive parents to help maintain contact with her sisters.

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