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Date of Birth: 
October 2004

“My sweet little Marquise, he is an amazing and fun kid!” ~Marquise’s social worker

Athletic, kind hearted, and smart are just a few of the words that describe this amazing young man. Marquise love sports, especially football and hockey, and is an avid Chicago Bears fan. He would love to be able to play on a sports team in the future. He is strong and athletic, and is the record holder for most miles run in a summer, breaking the past year’s records twice! He takes great pride in running and being in shape. Marquise is a kind youth, who cares about others. He will check in with you to see how you are doing, and wants to help if you are hurting or upset. Marquise dreams of being part of a family, and though he would prefer not to have any younger siblings, he would like to have an older sibling as a role model. He has expressed, “I would like to have a two-parent household with either a mom and a dad or two dads. I would like to have a nice mom, and a dad that teaches me things. I would like a family to know that I like video games and running. I also dream of having a pet to call my own: either a dog, cat, reptile, or guinea pig.”

Marquise would thrive in a family where he is the youngest or the only child. Safety and security are critical for Marquise, and these are best communicated to him by a family who is physically strong (able to protect him), and highly structured and predictable; these qualities help to calm his anxiety. Marquise has made incredible progress and has learned positive ways to manage his feelings, but he is not prepared to participate in spontaneous community activities. Once he can feel secure and safe in the family setting and know that the adults with him will protect him from any potential harm, then he will be ready for more community interaction. A successful family will be able to help prepare him for transitions and new adventures and understand his need for felt safety and predictability.

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