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Date of Birth: 
October 2002

Patrick is a positive and outgoing young man with high expectations for himself and a willingness to rise to meet the challenges in his life. He likes spending time with others, whether attending church with his foster family or sharing activities with his peers; it is important to him to fit in, so he works hard to be adaptable and flexible. He is quick to offer encouragement to others, and appreciates being acknowledged for doing well.

Patrick loves all kinds of sports, especially basketball. He is working on striking a balance between his competitive, enthusiastic nature and acting cooperatively with others. Patrick really enjoys school, with science being his favorite subject. He benefits from being in a small classroom setting that is structured to support not only his academic needs, but also to advance his social-emotional development. On occasions when he doesn't grasp concepts in school, or has difficulty in communicating his needs and challenges to others, he becomes frustrated and finds it challenging to bring himself back to a constructive frame of mind. Having clear boundaries and predictable routine help him to be successful and avoid frustration. He is focused on learning and growing, and wants to be surrounded by people who motivate him to do well.

A smaller family would do well for Patrick, and he will thrive with two parents or a single father. He'd enjoy having pets, and though he tends to be overbearing with younger children, he would benefit from having older siblings. Patrick will do best with parents who clearly communicate their expectations and give him verbal affirmation and encouragement.

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