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Date of Birth: 
December 2007

“Green Lantern is my favorite superhero. I like his ring!” ~Seth

Seth is a sweet, shy boy with a big heart. He is quiet at first, but opens up as relationship is built. Seth likes school and says his favorite subjects are PE, lunch, and recess. His foster mom says he does very well in reading, spelling and math. He loves video games and board games, especially chess and Pie Face, and he is learning how to work through disappointment when he loses. He also loves to play outside; swimming, riding his bike or scooter, and jumping on a trampoline are some of his favorite activities. Seth is a good eater with a hearty appetite; his favorite food is spaghetti with garlic bread, and his favorite treat is a cherry slushie. Seth is described as mature for his age. He does well completing his chores and caring for his personal hygiene. He prefers one-on-one time, but is learning how to navigate group situations. Right now he prefers small groups.

Seth would thrive in a two-parent home with no younger children and only one or two other children. He looks up to the teenagers in his current foster home. Seth loves having his own bedroom, and says that is important to him. Seth does very well with consistency and routine, and does not enjoy spontaneity. His family will need to support his emotional needs and be able to help him continue his therapy. He has a relationship with his younger biological sister, and this connections will need to be maintained by his adoptive parents.

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