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Date of Birth: 
September 1999
Potential Family Identified

“Stone is an incredibly smart and charming young man!” - Case Worker

Stone is a loving and affectionate young man with a big heart. His difficult early years have not dampened his compassion for others. Stone is a great friend, and maintaining friendships and past important relationships is very important to him. Stone loves animals. He does well with them and enjoys taking care of them. He currently has a guinea pig that would need to stay with him. Participating in physical activities is very important to Stone, which is also a great outlet for his high energy. He looks forward to high school sports, especially football. He enjoys long boarding and taking walks. Like most teens, peers are vitally important to Stone. He likes video games, music, and stand-up comedy.

Stone thinks it would be fun to take a family road trip. Stone is bright and has a lot of academic ability. After high school, he would like to pursue becoming an FBI agent; and would rely on his adoptive family to help him explore this pursuit. He feels his past experiences and his ability to handle tough situations gives him the confidence to pursue a high pressure career field. He will need parental support to accomplish his educational goals pre- and post-graduation, but has a hopeful eye on the future.

A family value that is super important to Stone is good communication. “Trust, loyalty, and honesty--that goes both ways.” An ideal adoptive home for Stone would have parents who are structured and follow a routine, but also have an abundance of patience. Stone needs an active family who will provide a lot of one-on-one time for him. He is a jokester and can sometimes say things for shock value, so having adoptive folks who are able to let some typical teen behavior roll off their backs is key. It is important that Stone’s adoptive parents value education, and that they are strong educational advocates who will help him accomplish his goals. Stone struggles with the idea of being adopted at 17 years old, and doesn’t completely understand the value of having the support of a family after the age of 18. He needs a family who will completely claim him as their own and still help him navigate and support his feelings of wanting to have a connection with his biological family as an adult.

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