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Date of Birth: 
August 2007
Potential Family Identified

Although resilient, lively, and fun, this generally happy boy is also kind and helpful. Troy loves being outside playing basketball, football, tag or swimming. Because of his impulsiveness, Troy tends to be a dare devil who often engages in risky behavior that results in injury. The quieter side of Troy enjoys reading comic books, playing games on his DS and Leap pad, playing board games, building with Legos, and playing with action figures and light sabers. His favorite action figure is Superman. Troy's favorite movies are Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and Ninja Turtles and I-Hop is his favorite place to eat.

In his classroom, Troy is working at grade level and has behavioral and academic supports in place to assist with reading, writing, and speech. In weekly individual therapy, Troy continues to work on maintaining appropriate social interactions and physical boundaries, building his coping skills, learning effective ways to manage his impulsiveness.

Troy would thrive in a family that enjoys outdoor activities and who have a good grasp of how early trauma can impact on a child’s sense of well being and development. Troy needs to be the youngest child in the home. Older siblings who could be good social, emotional, and behavioral role models, would be a big help to Troy. He really needs a parent to guide him through his day and provide the high level of structure and consistency to help Troy stay on track. Troy has a close connection to his birth brother and maintaining that relationship will be very important for Troy’s emotional and psychological well being.

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