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Date of Birth: 
November 1999

“I want to be supported in who I am and where I want to go in life.” ~Zac

Zacchaeus, who goes by Zac for short, says that using only three words, he would describe himself as “supportive, mature, and sassy.”

In his free time, he enjoys taking walks and reading. He likes cooking, and especially likes stir fry and dishes with rice. Zac does well in school. He is highly motivated to graduate early and is excelling in his homeschool program. He is very bright and enjoys studying; botany is one of Zac's favorite subjects. A person who has inspired Zac is herbalist Rosemary Gladstar because she “had a rough start in childhood, found what made her feel at peace with herself and her family, and continued it,” later becoming a pioneer in the herbalist movement.

After graduating from high school, he hopes to pursue culinary arts and business programs at AVTECH in Seward, AK. Upon completing that, he intends to pursue a social work degree at UAA so he can help, encourage, and support kids in foster care since he can understand what they are going through. He wants foster children to know that “even if you have been in foster care you can still be successful.”

A family for Zac would enjoy taking walks, road trips, and cooking together. Zac also wants “to be supported in who I am where I want to go in life.” Zac will need to continue therapy to learn how to express his emotions and struggles, so he can maintain healthy relationships with others. It would be wonderful to have a caring, nurturing dad to mentor Zac, especially with maintaining appropriate boundaries and understanding healthy relationships. A family who will commit to support and advocate for his emotional needs would be ideal. Zac is used to having lots of siblings; pets would be great too!

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