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Date of Birth: 
May 2004

Zach is thoughtful, engaging and compassionate.

Being around animals is especially therapeutic for Zach and he loves playing and caring for them. While one of Zach’s favorite activities is playing video games, he loves to be outdoors exploring nature, playing sports, and being active.

Zach has an inquisitive nature, a strong memory, and a positive attitude toward learning. In school, he does well in math and reading but is below grade level. Supports are in place to assist Zach with his subjects and with emotional challenges. Due to past trauma, Zach is emotionally delayed which makes it difficult to make friends and maintain friendships.

Zach would benefit from learning personal safety skills, maintaining healthy boundaries, and peer relationships. The greatest need for Zach is a consistent home with parents who love and accept him. A two-parent family who has a good grasp of how early trauma from loss and abandonment can impact a child’s emotional and behavioral development would be ideal. Zach would thrive in a home with pets and siblings significantly older or younger than himself.

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