Adoption is not a one time event, it is a lifetime promise.  Every child deserves to be loved.  For them to truly understand "nothing I do can push me out of this family" is freeing.  For us as parents, to love beyond is a beautiful thing.

- Carpenter Family

We have been foster parents for the past five years and have had the privilege of adopting four of the six children that have been placed in our home.  It has been an amazing journey and nothing short of a miracle!  We love adoption!

- The Becker Family

Adoption is the most redemptive thing either of us has experienced.  The love we have for these amazing kids just continues to grow!

- Andy & Stephanie

Because God first loved us, we have love to give

- The Wilson Family

I'm so thankful to do foster care and build my family through adoption. These kids needed families but more importantly I realized my family needed these kids

- James and Christina Marchetti